Squared Circle: Attitude Era

Monday Night Raw - 13th April 1998

Date: 13th April 1998
Location: Philadelphia, PA – Corestates Center

Dark Match
Dave Cavalera defeated Logan Duval

Monday Night Raw
Chain Match: Disciples of Apocalypse vs. Los Boricuas ended in a no contest after Degeneration X interfered in the match
Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor vs. Pantera and Aguila ended in a no contest when the Undertaker attacked all participants
Non-Title Match: Taka Michinoku defeated Jeff Jarrett by DQ after Kaientai attacked Taka Michinoku
Terry Funk and Scorpio defeated The Quebecers
Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman vs. The New Midnight Express ended in a Double DQ after the ref lost control of the match
Owen Hart defeated ‘Badd Ass’ Billy Gunn
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon ended in a no contest after Dude Love interfered



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